Quickbooks desktop for Mac 2020: Everything you need to know about

Quickbooks desktop for Mac 2020: Everything you need to know about

QuickBooks was already discontinued in 2016 for the Mac, but now the Mac can be used again in 2020. QuickBooks for Mac 2020 also has a new Dark Mode that attracts a lot of people where you can install it and watch it yourself. After a 3-year wait, INTUIT launched QuickBooks Desktop For Mac 2020.

Intuit new announcement & New Feature

Intuit has decided to use Mac 2020 Quickbooks. Now people with Mac 2020 can also run QuickBooks 2020 in their mac. Right after a long time, but now also for Mac 2020 Quickbooks.

While earlier people could only use QuickBooks in windows or other pc but it has been made for mac 2020 as well, after all, it is good news for mac people.

This new QuickBooks has very good features such as its new style dark mode which will be very interesting for those running mac me.

IRS launched a new update W-4 2020

With the Mac 2020, this update will attract you a lot, yes Quick Books launches the W-4 for 2020 the new update IRS 2020. This is a form that is already very effective, some people are not yet aware of it. What is it and how long have they been using Quickbooks. This form is the latest part of where we previously signed up to payroll.

And it is quite easy to fill this form. It is from the 1st stage to the 5th stage and can be completed by filling all these steps and in it, all employees have to give full details of their previous year’s tax and only then they will get this new w-4. The full form will be received

How to use a Quickbooks desktop 2020 in mac

If you want to run it on your Mac, then you have to buy QuickBooks software, after that, you will have to install it on your computer. After installing, you will need to provide some information while signing up and also provide some of your business details, after which you can use it in Mac.

We can save our entire day of sales on record through QuickBooks. If our customer pays us at any time. When we provide him something and this will happen when our customer wants to collect the bill, we will make an invoice and through this, we can send an email to our customers directly from QuickBooks.

How to fill new IRS w-4 form  

Where we will also get to see very good features in its payroll. Like the w-4 form in payroll that helps us sign up to payroll while filling it, we have to go through 5 steps, in which the user has to give his complete information, complete job, salary, monthly income. Has to be filled with form.

Follow these steps related to a point in the W-4 form

Now, Enter personal information

Enter multiple jobs & spouse works

Enter claim dependents

Click, optional, another adjustment

Enter sign here 

Last fill in employee only

How you get interesting features of Mac 2020

  • With these new updates of QuickBooks, we can easily send a record of any customer through voice mail.
  • And it also helps us to grow our business, it also tells us about the records of some good companies whose record is better than our business.
  • We can also use its dark mode, which allows us to pay our customers’ invoices easily, we can also keep a facility like credit card bill in our records, if necessary, we can give them a sound Can send mail.
  • And if we have a bounced check of a customer, then his bounced check can also be easily cracked by the bounced check of his quick books.
  • With this new update, we can remind any customer when he paid us. She dated
  • In this, we can easily check any information related to the bank, can also make payment of any customer, can also deduct tax, make a report of any customer and we can calculate tax. And in the new, we can also do more work. This software.

How to backup a QuickBooks mac 2020

  1. Now you can open your restored company file.
  2. Go to QuickBooks.
  3. Select attachments.
  4. Click on the attached document library menu and select Existing.
  5. Navigate to the attached document library folder that you restored in step 3 and select it.
  6. Click on Open.
  7. Now you can close the preferences window – your selection will be saved automatically.

After this, your work will be finished, all your files and all data will be returned.

Benefits QuickBooks 2020

If we pay any customers online through QuickBooks, you have to send them a mail, which you can put a button on that mail. Which he can pay us for an invoice or he can give us information about his bank.


We all want our business to grow quickly, be it small or big and some people have designed this quick book software, which you can expand your business even further. Online work can also be done. And Quickbooks software also keeps your account and customer account information, which also helps you to fill the invoice. Quickbooks desktop for Mac 2020 has also launched Mac 2020 for Mac users which were discontinued in 2016. And that includes the W-4 form we use when signing up payroll.


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