Everything to know about QuickBooks Enterprise 2020

Everything to know about QuickBooks Enterprise 2020

QuickBooks Enterprise

As we know that QuickBooks Enterprise is a part of QuickBooks accounting software that is used in small and medium-sized businesses Instead of this the functions of QuickBooks Enterprise are also divided according to the type of industries in which your business involved.  The functionality of QuickBooks Enterprise manages the inventory workflows, location tracking, and transaction of data. And this software provides user-friendly features to its users that help the users to make accounting tasks easy. Now let’s take a look at the main point of this topic in which we explain everything about QB Enterprise in detail. 

Benefits of QB Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise will help you to make your work flexible and help you to do work in a good manner in the business. 

Sales and Customers

QuickBooks Enterprise helps the QuickBooks users to track the reps through job and use customized purchase forms and also helps to save time in business. Except the accuracy can be progressed by means of assigning default lessons to accounts, names, and items. And it’s also very easy to track and observes the sales lead within the new Quickbooks lead center.

Vendors and Purchasing 

The status reports of QuickBooks Enterprise show you those items that you have to reorder the default classes of items and names to improve the accuracy in the business. And users can send invoices to many customers and expenses in same batch. 

Security and Productivity Tools

In Security and Productivity Tools you can see the previous transactions, billings, invoices, and many old business documents with the help of drag and drop option. Instead of this QuickBooks users can also make the business tasks easier for the business like creating invoices, sales orders, etc. 

Payroll and Employees

This is one of the best benefits of QuickBooks Enterprise that provides the details of the employees. This software provides built-in documentation like the hiring of employees, relations, benefits, recruiting, terminations, etc. 

Financial Management

QB Enterprise helps the users to see the income and bank transactions all are in one place and it is also easy to add expenses transactions there. The users of this accounting software can select the templates that are lastly created by other QuickBooks users by which the whole company can see the data on a single screen. 

After discussing the benefits now it is the time to talk about the features of QuickBooks Enterprise. 

Features of QB Enterprise

As we know there are many types of QuickBooks accounting software cand all have different features. Just like other QuickBooks Enterprise has also different features. So let’s have a look at the features of QuickBooks Enterprise.

Business Plan Tool 

This tool will help the users to make plans for their business and at least five years of financial projects that can be based on the business which can help to grow the business easily. 

Contact Management 

This feature of QuickBooks Enterprise lets the users to record the important information like contact information, shipping and billing details addresses, tax settings, credit card information, payment settings, and etc. 

Lead Management

This feature of QuickBooks Enterprise will help the QuickBooks users to increase leads in their business. It allows the users to handle vendors and contractors in the business. Users can also add status in each leads like hot, warm, cold, etc. 


This is a particular feature of QuickBooks that provides the ten customizable templates to the QuickBooks users. Users can customize the color, themes, and all the necessary information according to them. Instead of this it also provides the option of sending invoices with the help of emails as a link and can also be printed after emailing. 

Prices of QuickBooks Enterprise

The QB Enterprise is divided in three types of levels the one is silver, the second is gold and the last third is in platinum. 


The price of QuickBooks Enterprise is depends on the number of users in your business. Mostly its prices are starts from $1,155/year. By adding the number of users in your business you can calculate the price of QuickBooks Enterprise for your business.

Here are the some features of QB Enterprise that are given below:

  • Invoices and estimates. 
  • Contact Management. 
  • Chart of Accounts. 
  • Accounts payable. 
  • Expense Tracking. 
  • Time Tracking. 
  • Journal Entries. 
  • Sales Orders. 
  • Inventory. 
  • Reports. 


The price of QuickBooks Enterprise is depends on the number of users in your business. Mostly its prices are starts from $1,1502/year. Same here you can calculate the price by calculating the number of users. 


The price of QuickBooks Enterprise is depends on the number of users in your business. Mostly its prices are starts from $1,848/year.Same here you can calculate the price by adding the number of users in your business.  


We hope that you will like this blog. Here we are talked about the QuickBooks Enterprise and you get all information related to the QB Enterprise. If you are suffering from any type of problem while using QuickBooks then you can contact us by visiting at our QuickBooks Customer Service. Our experts will solve your all QuickBooks problems as soon as they can.


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