Easy Guide To Update QuickBooks Desktop To The Latest Version

Easy Guide To Update QuickBooks Desktop To The Latest Version

Easy Guide To Update QuickBooks Desktop To The Latest Version

Do you want to update your QuickBooks Desktop to the latest version? If yes, then it is one of the best and right platform. As we know that Intuit regularly launches new releases of QuickBooks accounting software. These updates are also known as by the name of maintenance releases or patches. It is recommended by the high profile accountants that it is very important for QuickBooks users to update QuickBooks from time to time. If it is not done then it can harm the accounting records and the productivity of the business. 

There are two ways to update Quickbooks the one way is automatically and the other is manually. In this blog, we will show you the easy guide to update Quickbooks desktop to the latest version. And how to check if you have the latest Quickbooks version. 

Guide To Update QuickBooks Desktop Automatically

In this process of QuickBooks, QuickBooks automatically check the server of Intuit for the new release versions and it will download the updated QuickBooks version until the user did not disallow the option of “automatic update”. Now we will show you some steps to allow or disallow the option of automatic update. You have to follow the steps that are mention below to allow or disallow automatic update option:

  • Open your QuickBooks accounting software and then click on the option of help menu on your QuickBooks screen.
  • Now choose the option of update QuickBooks.
  • In the update QuickBooks window, you have to click at the alternatives tab.
  • Now choose the options that you want yes to allow the automatic update or no to disallow the automatic update. 
    • If automatic update option in Quickbooks turns on, then you have to choose those update options that you want to receive and clear those options that you don’t want. 
    • If automatic update option in Quickbooks turns off, then you will not receive any notification to update Quickbooks Desktop. But you will receive a reminder message from Quickbooks to update your software. 
  • Now click on the save button and then close the window. 

If the methods that are mentioned above are not working and users are still facing problems then apply for the next process which is given below. If you still facing an update problem or any other Quickbooks problem then contact at our Quickbooks Customer Service team. 

Guide To Update QuickBooks Desktop Immediate

With this method of immediate update, QuickBooks users can download  Quickbooks update immediately from the server of Intuit on your computer system. Users can be used it any time it doesn’t matter that your Quickbooks software is running or not in your system. One thing which is more important to know is that you have to check for updates in Quickbooks approximately once in a month. 

Follow the given steps, to check for or install updated QuickBooks version

  • Open your Quickbooks Desktop and click on the help menu then click for Quickbooks updates. 
  • Now select on the tab of update. 
  • Now select the updates that you want to download and click on the option of get updates. Click on the link of a maintenance release and check what is included in the column of updates. 
  • Close your Quickbooks accounting software. The nest when you will open your Quickbooks Desktop then it will prompt you to download the updates now or later. If you click on the yes button to installation you have to restart your computer system after the process is completed. 

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Release Download 

If the Quickbooks users do not want to release the updates that are showing in the accounting software or facing any problems in updates then you can directly install and download the updated features of Quickbooks accounting software. If you do not update it then users may face many problems to open company files in Quickbooks. 

Updates for multi-user mode in Quickbooks Pro and Quickbooks Premier 

If you are using Quickbooks Pro and Quickbooks Premier in multi-user mode then you have to install updates in each system in which you are using Quickbooks Premier and Quickbooks pro. Users have to download updates in each system or you can also download them in a single computer then you can share it with the network of each computer system.

To share the updates users have to complete the process that are given below

  • Open the company file that you have shared.
  • Now open the help menu and click on the update option and then go to the updates tab. 
  • Click on the yes option to share the downloaded updates. 
  • Now click on the button of Save. 

After completing the process that is mentioned above you can share downloaded updates on all your computer system in which you are using Quickbooks in multi-user mode. 

How to update QuickBooks Desktop for Mac?

You can update QuickBooks Desktop for Mac by the two ways the one way is Manual Update and the second way is In-product Update.

Manual Update

Follow the steps that are mentioned below:

  • First of all, you have to uninstall your older version of Quickbooks Desktop.
  • Reinstall new versions of QuickBooks by going QuickBooks Products Update. 
  • Now select the desktop version and download the file. 
  • Now click on downloaded.dmg file and shift the Quickbooks Desktop icon to the application folder to install.

In-Product Update

Follow the steps that are mentioned below:

  • Open the menu bar in QuickBooks and select on check for updates. 
  • Then click on install newer version if available. 
  • Now you may get an alert to install and relaunch. 
  • After the update, the QuickBooks for Mac launched automatically in your computer system.


We hope that you will like this blog of an easy guide to update Quickbooks desktop to the latest version. But if you still facing any problem installing the latest version or any Quickbooks problems then you can get help from our Quickbooks experts. They will solve your all related errors without wasting your time. You can also leave us a message our experts will connect with you as soon as possible (ASAP). 


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