Quickbooks Error 6000 83

Quickbooks Error 6000 83

Quickbooks Error 6000 83

QuickBooks Accounting software is widely used for managing small and mid-sized business in the world. But recently lots of query came by the QuickBooks users about an error code 6000,-83. This error code appears on your pc screen when you try to open, restore and backup your company file.

Thus if you want to remove this error then see the below steps to solve your problems…

Why We See QuickBooks Error code 6000-83 

You have seen these QuickBooks Error code 6000 83 on your PC screen while trying to access your company files. And maybe some other reasons behind it. Some of the possible reasons are given below. 

  1. Access Denied: Sometimes we want to access that folder which we don’t have permission to access them. Even we didn’t have permission to delete read and create the file. In such scenarios, you will get QuickBooks error code 6000,83.
  1. Damaged/Invalid Company File: Sometimes your company files are damaged by any technical reasons or via viruses. In such a situation you stuck in this error code.
  1. File Extension: Check your file extension, if you have saved your file with the wrong extension then you will see QuickBooks error code 6000,83. For your information, we suggest that QuickBooks supports the QBW file extension.
  1. File Doesn’t Exist: If the file you want to access, isn’t available in the installed QuickBooks software. Then you will face these error codes.
  1. Browser Authentication: There might be the possibility of your web browser and antivirus restrict QuickBooks files.

You have seen all these possibilities behind this QuickBooks Error code 6000-83. Now let’s see below how to solve Error code 6000-83.

How to Solve QuickBooks Error Code 6000-83

We have provided a solution on behalf of the above causes. So if you have a problem with any one of them than see below for a solution…  

If you want to access your company file which is stored on the windows server computer then see below…

You have to download the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool. After downloading you have to install it into your PC

Solution For File saved On Window Server

Sometimes firms use QuickBooks on various PC than they have to make some changes. But if your company files are not saved on the server but yet you get error 6000,-83 then you have to contact at QuickBooks support services. 

Nowadays file security is most important hence we store our QuickBooks file on a server. But if we want to store our file on hosting company then we should sure that they must have the option for Multi-user access option off on your workstation.

  1. Start your QuickBooks on any one of them your server.
  2. Now You have to select the File menu and see the below option for utilities. But be sure that you don’t have to open your company file.
  3. After that, you will see the “Host Multi-User Access” option, but you don’t have to select this, now move ahead for next workstation because this one is not your problem.
  4. But if you will see Stop Hosting Multi-User Access option in the utility section then select it.
  5. Then you have to repeat all these steps for your all the workstation.

We hope this one will solve your QuickBooks Error 6000 83 problems. But if you still see this error code on your PC screen then move on 2nd step.

Sometimes the user needs to back up his files for future re-usability then an error occurred.

To solve this problem the user needs to back up his file manually and the backup file should be stored in the C drive.

When the user wants to restore a company file  

In this situation, the user needs to change its file extension as .qbw, .adr or .qbm and .qbw.

IF you still get the error then update your QuickBooks version and check your data file permission.


Finally, we have given you all the solutions to resolve your QuickBooks error code 6000,-83 Use the above steps carefully. But yet if you get this error then contact us on this helpline Number. 

And if you stuck on other errors of QuickBooks like Multi-User Slow Connectivity and Non-Printing Printer or you are facing a problem with transferring the Data File. Then you have to check our website blog section to resolve all the QuickBooks related queries.


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