How to Solve QuickBooks Error Code 41?

How to Solve QuickBooks Error Code 41?

QuickBooks Error Code

As we already know that QuickBooks is one of the world’s best accounting software to manage accounting problems in a small and medium-sized business and this software also helps to make the finance system sound. If we are talking about the errors then while working on this accounting software users can face many types of errors that are not easy to solve. If you have got any message of QuickBooks Error Code 41 on your screen while using QuickBooks accounting software then it can be a quite frustrating moment for a QuickBooks user. This QuickBooks Error can harm the productivity of a business. There could be many multiple reasons for arising this QuickBooks Error like technical error, accounting errors, banking errors, etc. So let’s start to talk about QuickBooks Error Code 41.

Causes for QuickBooks Error Code 41

There can be many causes of arising this QuickBooks Error Code 41 while using this accounting software. So let’s have a look at the causes that can help you to solve your QuickBooks Error 41 easily:

  • You can see the message of Error 41 when you have opened too many files in your personal computer system. 
  • When QuickBooks software automatically closed from the system. 
  • This error can occur if QuickBooks software is crashed. 
  • When installed files are not installed properly or the installation of QuickBooks software becomes difficult on your computer system. 
  • Updating issues of windows in the computer system. 
  • When your personal computer system is running slow. 
  • The last cause but not least is if the error may also pop up on your computer system screen. 

Solutions of QuickBooks Error Code 41

In the above section, we talked about the causes of QuickBooks Error Code 41 by which you can come to know about Error 41. Now we are talking about the solutions that can help you to solve your QuickBooks Error 41 and we are sure if you follow the solutions that are shown below then you can easily solve your error.

Sol 1: Re-start your Computer System

  • Firstly, Click on the start button that is shown in the left corner.
  • Now you have to click on the right arrow near to the shutting down.
  • Then click on the restart button on your screen after this your computer is shutting down automatically and restart again. 

Sol 2: Do Correct your Printing Permissions

  • Open your printers control panel in your windows. 
  • Now you have to click on the Microsoft XPS documents option. 
  • Now select your printer properties and click on the Security tab and select everyone user group option. 

In case if you did not find everyone options in the list then follow the rules that are shown below:

  • First of all click at the add option and then type everyone in the field and then click on check names. 
  • Now open your allow column and then choose print>ok. 
  • Run command prompt c: windows>system 32> windows explorer. 
  • Now click on printers> properties>security tab. 
  • Now click on edit option and then add. 
  • Then click on the ok option and create a PDF file in QuickBooks. 

Sol 3: Download and install Fix Tools in your software

  • Download Fix Tools in your computer system. 
  • Now click on scan option on your screen. 
  • You have to click on the Repair button after the scanning process is completed. 
  • Now restart your QuickBooks software in your system.

Sol 4: Disable your Service Option from Startup

  • Click at the start button on the screen in the left corner and then type MSConfig in the searching box. 
  • Now a service tab is opened on the system screen select the option of disabling all.
  • Now open your startup tab and select disable all options. 
  • Restart your personal computer system. 
  • Now reopen your QuickBooks software again and verify that the QuickBooks Error Code 41 is solved or not. If not solved then follow the steps of the final and last solution, solution number 5. 

Sol 5: Uninstall or Reinstall your USB Device

  • Click on the start button on the screen.
  • Now in the option of Run Window, add devmgmt.msc and press enter button on the keyboard. 
  • Add this select plus (+) sign. 
  • Now you have to click on the USB Device option. 
  • Click at uninstalling option and press the enter key on the keyboard. 
  • Now connect your USB cable with your computer system.


We hope that you liked this blog. In this blog, we explained to you about the QuickBooks Error Code 41 that is much difficult to solve. But in this blog, if you read it carefully you can able to solve your error easily. We explained everything about QuickBooks Error 41 in this blog. By which you can solve your Error easily. If you were still not able to solve this error then you can connect us by dialing our QuickBooks Support Number on the screen or you can also leave a message to us in the comment section about your QuickBooks problems. Our professional team will contact you regarding your errors as soon as possible (ASAP). 


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