QuickBooks Online Error 106

QuickBooks Online Error 106

As we all know very well that QuickBooks provides a wide variety of features to its different types of QuickBooks users so that all businesses can grow in a good way without losing too much money. This is one of the most believable accounting software for business. However, it shows different types of errors while using this accounting software. Today we are going to talk one of them error QuickBooks Online Error 106. This error arises when QuickBooks not able to find a Bank account at bank’s website. 

In this blog, we are telling you what is QuickBooks Online errors 106, what are the reasons behind this error and how to fix this error? 

What is QuickBooks Online Error 106?

QuickBooks Online Error 106 arises when a QuickBooks user tries to log in to the bank’s website but they could not able to find the bank account with their names. This error happens when the account is closed by the bank and users are not unable to do online transactions. 

Causes of QuickBooks Online Error 106

  • QuickBooks Error 106 causes when a user using old version of QuickBooks in their systems. 
  • Corrupted files or bank accounts can also are the reasons for arising QuickBooks Online Error 106. 
  • When users have deleted any QuickBooks files from their systems this can also generate Error 106. 
  • Any changing in the details of the Bank Account or any further issue with the Bank account. 

Solutions of QuickBooks Online Error 106

As we know that there are many ways to solve the QuickBooks issues but it is very difficult to solve them. Here we provide easy ways to solve any type of QuickBooks errors. Today we will explain to you some easy steps to solve QuickBooks Error 106. So let’s take a look at the easy steps to solve the error

Solution 1: 

  • The first step is Log in to your Bank account. 
  • Then get connected with your bank’s customer service to get details.
  • Click on the service center and tap on my account information.
  • Now turn on Financial Management Tools access. 
  • Now turn on your account setting and check that QuickBooks Error 106 is resolved or not. 

Solution 2:

  • Now you have to click on Transactions and then select choose to bank. 
  • Search for the account that you need to eliminate. 
  • After that click on the Bank name and then click on the edit account information. 
  • Now click on the box of Disconnect and then click on save details. 

Solution 3:

  • Click on the gear icon and then choose to CA (Chart of Accountants)
  • Then click on the search bar and search for the account that you want to delete. 
  • Now go to the action column and scroll downwards and then click on the delete button. 
  • Now, your QuickBooks Online account is inactivated and would not be seen in the Charts of Accountants. 

Solution 4:

  • Now the first step to follow is to tap on the add bank account and enter your bank name then click on the find button. 
  • If there is a new window open with a global bank then you have to click on the search global bank box.
  • Then click on the link that matches your Bank account. Then enter your login details and click on the login button. 

If you do not have any account then you have to create an account for this:

For this, you have to click on the connect button after this it will take some time to load. Now you have seen an option of that’s it I am finished on the screen you have to click on it. Once it is done you have to click on the review button and click on the downloaded items. 

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QuickBooks Online Error 106 is a bit difficult to solve. If you are searching for solving this error easily then there are rare chances of getting results for this. Here We explain everything about every QuickBooks Errors or also explains the easy steps to solve them. Read this blog carefully to solve your QuickBooks Online Error 106. If you are facing any type of other problem to solve this error then you can leave us a message or call us also to getting help from our QuickBooks Experts. Our experts will help you to solve your QuickBooks Error. You have to do only one thing that tells our experts everything about your QuickBooks accounting software errors that you are facing while working on it. 


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